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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

अल्लाह, अल्लाह, लुत्फ क्या साकी के मैख़ाने में है

Lyricist: Sant Darshan Singh
Singer: Ghulam Ali

अल्लाह, अल्लाह, लुत्फ क्या साकी के मैख़ाने में है
जलवागरी राग-ए-दोआ आलम उसके पैमाने में है।

दैर में क्या जुस्तजू है, क्या है काबे में तलाश
चश्म-ए-बा-तिन खोल वो दिल के सनमखाने में है।

कौन जाने क्या तमाशा है कि हादी के बग़ैर
इक हुजूम-ए-नगमदीर दिल के दवाखाने में है।

बैठै-बैठै ख़ुद मुझे होता है अक्सर ये गुमाँ
नगमगर मुतरिब कोई दिल के तलबखाने में है।

जिन्दगी मे तुझको 'दर्शन' मिल नहीं सकता कहीं
वो सुरूर-ए-कैफ़ जो मुज़्जत के खुमखाने मे है।

My God! This one has been tough. Am on it for more than an hour now and you can see the number of words whose meanings I have given below. Despite thaat there are all those words/phrases/lines/stanzas in bold whose head or tail I could not get. All possible help is welcome. Even the words for which I have given the meanings are very tentative. I have looked for words and have then tried to think if it could be the one that is being sung! So, anything, anywhere could be wrong. I take no responsibilities whatsoever. Corrections are invited. If you want an mp3, let me know you gmail id and I will send it.

जलवागरी = Manifestation
राग = Melody
दोआ = Blessing, Wish
आलम = World
दैर = Temple
जुस्तजू = Desire, Search, Inquiry
चश्म = Eye
बा-तिन = Conscience
हादी = Instruments
मुतरिब = Singer
सुरूर = Joy, Pleasure, Rapture
कैफ़ = Happiness
खुम = Wine



At 29/6/05 9:33 PM, Blogger abhaya said...

kabene == Kaabe me and I don't think that first word is bair.

haadi == Saazon (instriments)

nagamger I think would be gaata hua or something like that.

At 1/7/05 12:10 PM, Blogger Jaya said...

The first word is "Dair" meaning temple :-)

So, it's little more understandable now, still a long way to go :-)


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